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What should we do before and on the construction?

a) Before the construction, please measure the ground area in advance, and confirm the tent’s dimension.
b) The tents should be assembled by the experienced workers.
c) Please take the wind direction and nearby building into consideration when select the ground.
d) Different fix way for different ground condition (grass, asphaltic ground, cement ground, marble ground…)
1. Expansion bolt: suitable for cement ground, all bolts should be fixed if the ground is destroyable.
2. Steel stake: suitable for earth and grass ground, fix each point with at least 2nos, and make sure they are driven to the bottom.
3. Weight bracket: suitable for the ground that can stand certain pressure; each point should be loaded with at least 350kg weight.

e) Safety inspection for components 

During the construction, please make sure that all the irrelevant personnel are out of construction area.

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