• производительная мощность предприятия\Месяц

      20,000-30,000 Квад.м\ Месяц.

  • Нужно мебели для мероприятии ?

    Yes, we can provide the tables and chairs.

  • Нужно световое оборудование?

    Yes. we can offer various lighting styles for your to decorate your tent.

  • How do I reserve equipment?

    The simplest way to book in equipment for you event is to browse the website and get a feel for what you need. Then, give one of our event consultants a call on (+86 020 34850992). For small orders, we can book them straight away over the phone. Large orders may require a bit of fine tuning, so we can send a quote via e-mail within 24 hours of your phone call.

  • Is it better to buy or rent a tent?

    The decision to buy or rent a tent has many variables. If the tent will be used for 3 or 4 times each year, it is probably better to rent the tent.The experts in your area will be better prepared with the necessary training and expertise to safely install the tent. Professionals also have the tools, washing facilities, and storage areas to maintain the tent when it is not in use. Your local rental professional often has long-standing relationships with the fire marshal, code enforcement officials, and other regulatory officials, which can make renting the preferred choice. Renting will also allow you to vary the color or size of tent according to your specific need. Of course if you will be using the tent frequently or for long periods of time, it may be wise to purchase a tent.

  • Do your tents have anti-theft function?

    For tent, if you choose software wall like tarpaulin, maybe there is no anti-theft function, but if choose hardware wall like ABS hardware wall ,you can install the door lock to seal completely. It’s safe as the house.

  • Can we you put a tent up in winter?

    Yes.Our ‘clears pan’ structures cope easily with severe weather and modern heating units (controlled by thermostat) keep the venue to the desire temperature.

  • Do you provide installation training for buyers?

    Yes,we provide installation training for all customers who have bought our tents. If you are a local customer, we will install for you. If you are in other places, we also have installation instruction and CD to help you finish the installation.

  • How to Draw the layout of the construction and fix the base plates

    Draw the layout for tent assembly according to the tent specs and size. First assign the components in the assembling area. Make sure that all the base plate should be place in the same horizontal level, the uneven ground should be leveled beforehand. Identify all the base plates position;

  • What should we do before and on the construction?

    a) Before the construction, please measure the ground area in advance, and confirm the tent’s dimension.
    b) The tents should be assembled by the experienced workers.
    c) Please take the wind direction and nearby building into consideration when select the ground.
    d) Different fix way for different ground condition (grass, asphaltic ground, cement ground, marble ground…)
    1. Expansion bolt: suitable for cement ground, all bolts should be fixed if the ground is destroyable.
    2. Steel stake: suitable for earth and grass ground, fix each point with at least 2nos, and make sure they are driven to the bottom.
    3. Weight bracket: suitable for the ground that can stand certain pressure; each point should be loaded with at least 350kg weight.

    e) Safety inspection for components 

    During the construction, please make sure that all the irrelevant personnel are out of construction area.

  • Can I place orders over the phone?

    Absolutely! You can place your order with any of our Salesman

  • Where are you located?


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