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30x50 Арочный шатер для выставок(TFS-Series)

TFS Tent,Exhibition Tent
  • TFS Tent is one of our newly developed tent series, it is pouplar in the market because of its specail design and elegant “heart” shape. The TFS tent are modular structures and can be increased or decreased by 5m. The main frameworks are high pressed extruded aluminum and the double coated PVC roof covers and sidewalls. It’s specail desgin and high durability make it can be widely applied to sports, events, exhhibition and big parties. 30-60m wide TFS tent are available and we can give you the best solution according to your specail requirement with our rich expreience and innovation capablity.


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    TFS Tent,Exhibition Tent
    30x50 Арочный шатер для выставок(TFS-Series)
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